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Machifit DMC-250

Machifit DMC-250

Short Description:
Machifit DMC-250-000 Cuniform GIB Type Quick Change Tools Kit Tool Post 250 001-010 Tool Holder for Lathe Tools

Product Description

Machifit DMC-250-000 mini-cuniform GIB type quick change tool post and tool holders fit for woodworking lathe tools.

The quick change tool post is a main accessory of the machine tool, it is consist of tool post and many kinds of tool holders, according to the processing requirements of the workpieces, correspording tool holders are selected to finish cylindrical facing, end facing.cutting, drilling, reaming, boring as well as other processing. It realizes to mount tool outside the machine tool, it has exchange tool quickly, high accuracy , rigidity strong etc. It is satisfactory accessories in place of square turrets.

Model Tool post:DMC 250-000-000
Tool holder: 250-001,250-002,250- 004, 250-005, 250-007, 250-010
Type cuniform type
Material Steel
Black Black
Lathe Swing 6-9"
Article 250-000 GIB cuniform type Quick Change Tool Kits
Application  Turning Tool
Usage CNC Machine Tool Accessories
Capacity of the tool
250-000: 1/2 " cuniform Type Tool Post
250-001: 1/2 " Turning Tool Holder  
250-002: 1/2 " Boring, Turning Tool Holder
250-004: 3/8" and 1/2'' Heavy Duty Boring Bar Holder
250-005: MS2 Morse Taper  Tool Holder 
250-007: 1/2 " Parting Blade Tool Holder 
250-010: 1/2 " Knurling and Turning Tool Holder

Type Item
#0 250-000
01 250-001
02 250-002
04 250-004
05 250-005
07 250-007
10 250-010

1. Accuracy -designed to ensure repetitive accuracy.
2. Quickly and easily installed on a lathe engine, bench  or tower for a wide range of operations. 
3. Size Stud M10 and ideal for most mini machines, although modifications may be necessary for some machines
   (sleeve or a new center rod for a smaller hole may be necessary.) 
4. Reduce installation time — instant change from one operation to another.
5. Fully interchangeable with Aloris, Dorian, Phase II, Yuasa and most of the other components of the manufacturer. 
6. All working parts are accuracy  and hardened. 
7. Completely sealed for maintenance-free work.
8. Rotate: The unequaled rigidity of this pillar of tools and holders ensures smoother turning without chatter or vibration. 
9. Drilling: the set allows you to drill with the power of your carriage, instead of manual work or tailstock. 
10. Hard cuniform Tool post design, easily centered.

- 250-001 quick tool change holder for lathe cutting tool bits range up to 1/2 inch
 This holder is suitable for working with cuniform type 250-000.
- 250-002 V groove hold round shank boring bars and tools as well as square tool bits to machine end face ,external, cutting, boring etc.
- 250-004 Use straight shank drilling and reaming, boring etc. Equipped with a split bushing to accommadate a boring bar of small diameter.
  It grips with exteme rigidity. Cuts smoothly without chatter.
- 250-005 Drills with carriage by using power feed instead of tail stock easily centered or morse taper drills.
- 250-007 Use square tool to make slot cut off etc.
- 250-010 lt may be used for knuring, if square tool is used, it may process end face, extered cutting, boring etc.

Please note that the package included one type only.
Package Included:
1 X Tool post / Tool holder

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